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Granulator Production Line

SEVENSTARS builds Pelleting lines suitable for production of granules for subsequent moulding, extrusion or calendering, starting from virgin or recycled material.

These lines are fully customisable and highly efficient at any production output, thanks to the innovative extruders of the SS Plus line and the wide range of SEVENSTARS modular accessories for every kind of application.
Ease of use and time saving for maintenance and cleaning are always our goals in the study and design of our granulation lines.
Coloured and transparent
Granules for rigid and flexible profiles
Granules for the medical field
Granules from recovery of recycled material
Granules for industrial products
Granules for wpc

granules extruder line.jpg

Our Production Lines

Main production lines we provide:


Pvc Compounds Granulator Machine
Carbon Master Batch /White Master Batch granulating Line

Pp/Pe/Pet Film Compactor Pelleting Machine

Waste Water Recycling Machine Forplastic Recycling Project
Double Stage Side Force Feeder Pelletizing Line

Pe Pp Film Vertical Force Feeder Pelletizing Line
Three Stage Wet Material Granulation Extrusion Unit

Double Elbow Eva Slipper & Shoes Pelletizing Line
High Filling Master Batch Pelleting Machine

Inner And Outer Shield Cable Materials Pelletizing Line
Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cablematerials Pelletizing Line

Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder Granulator

LDPE HDPE CPE PVC TPU PLA Low Temperature Granulator

Customized production lines are accepted. Single machinery can also be sold separately.

Waste Recycling Washing Granulator Manufacturer

Shredder Crusher Agglomerator Pulverizer Hydraulic baler

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