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Plastic Squeezing Machine

The Plastic Squeezing Equipment special aloy steel screw and barre, hard teeth gearbox, net, cuter and bloving system, which is a kind of automatic machine to dry the PE HDPELDPE LLDPE PP PET flm effciently. Because of adopting screw squeezing and electric heating both drying way,it could remove the moisture high effcient, ood plastic plasticizing and with high capacity
Application: It is applicable to agricultural flm, Post consume flm, municipal solid waste separation film, Pp woven bag, Pp jumbo bag, etc.

Our Plastic Squeezing Machine

Advantages Plastic Squeezing Dryer Machine:

1. Unioue screw souezina desion removing moiture theory, soving the common problem that it is hord to ary the wet him during the plastic him arying recycling feld.

2. Good drying performance, could make the fnal moisture level lower than 3%

3. Advantage technology,lower power consumption, lower noisy, easy operating and maintenance, safe running and high cost performance.

4. Mechanical squeezing dewatering way,comparing with the traditional centrifugal and hot air drying dewatering way, could save space and energy much more

Customized plastics Squeezing Machinery are accepted. 

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