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Agglomerator Machinery

Sevenstars Agglomerator is a device that directly crush discardedthermoplastic flm and products with a wall thickness less than 2 mm. ltcan particle discarded products or flms of soft PVC, high and lowpressure PE, PP, PVC, PET, etc, flm, woven bags fber and other thermoplasticplastics or waste products of foaming polystyrene. The grain materialmade by this machine can be directly used by extruder. Strict productscan also be molded by extrusion granuder and used after granulation.Blade can be disassembly, it is easy to clean and maintenance.

Our Agglomerator Machine

Agglomerator for PET Fiber is used to cut and shrink the PE/PP film and fiber and others, and get the hard materials, it is a good auxiliary machine for pre-processing the PE/PP films and fiber and bags before pelleting machine.


Low noise and high capacity. Our offered device could be a smart densifier which may soften the fuzzy plastic things and convert them to denser counterparts. The offered device serves at the intermediate stage of recycled plastic formation method. Our offered device will soften and condense the done in plastic things by victimization excessive heat and water. Agglomerator for recycling, the blade base and blade can be disassembly, It is easy to clean and maintenance. 

Customized Agglomerator Machinery are accepted. 

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