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Pulverizer Machinery

Sevenstars Pulverizer Machine widely use in PVC/PE/PP/ABS/PS/PA/PC/PET/TPU/EVA and so on .It’s can grind all kinds Hard & Soft materials into powders in normal temperature. This machine has a higher output, 2 or 3 times than normal miller, equip with Dust collector. An ideal energy saving machine in plastic industries. The sword adopted imported stainless steel, durable, can work continuously. Knife can be adjusted easily, easily maintained and control

Our Pulverizer Machine

Sevenstars Pulverizers have high speed, precision grinders for the processing of medium hard, impact resistant and friable materials,for example PE,PVC,PP,ABS,PA, EVA, TPU, PET,PS,PPS,EPS, PC, Foam, Cow leather and so on. 
Plastic Pulverizers are used to grind plastic fragments or particles into different mesh numbers powder by using grinding disc with different materials in the machine,then use the screen to select the powder of appropriate size for collection. If it does not meet the needs, continue to enter the grinding chamber for grinding.according to the different material We have two different series. You can choose the style more suitable for your factory according to your needs.

Customized Pulverizer Machine are accepted. 

Waste Recycling Washing Granulator Manufacturer

Shredder Crusher Agglomerator Pulverizer Hydraulic baler

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