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Crusher Shredder Machinery

The application range of the crushers and shredders we provide are as follows:

pet bottle, pvc pipe, pe pp film, Non-woven woven bag, Plastic lump, sheet, barrel, sprue, runner, reject, etc

Domestic qarbage/Industrial waste/Car shell/Tyre/Metal bucket/Aluminium scrap/Waste household


Glass fiber/Plastic lumpsengineering plastic/Circuit board/Zip-top canaluminum skimming/Solid waste/Wooden pallet wood scrap/Package file paper/Textile/Wire cable/Bigbag...

Main Crusher Shredder we provide:

Single-Shaft Shredder Machinery

Double Shaft Shredder Machinery

Strong Plastic Crusher Machinery

Pvc/Pet/Pe/Pp Soft Film And Hard Pieces

Multifunctional Online Crusher

Powerful Sound-Proof Crusher Machinery

Large Pvc And Large Pe Pipe Shredder Machinery

Customized Shredder & Crusher are accepted. 


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