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Hydraulic Baler Machinery

The Hydraulic baler machine applications we offer are as follows:

Waste plastics, metal materials, cartons and cardboard, textile clothing, food containers, packaging materials, tires, scrapped cars, domestic waste, industrial waste

For example, PET bottles, agricultural films, scraps, waste paper, scrap steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cans, coconut fiber, pallets, etc.

Our Hydraulic baling press:

Main Hydraulic baling machinery we provide:


Hydraulic Vertical Baler Machine


Large Hydraulic Horizontal Baler Machine

Metal Hydraulic Baler

Fully automatic and manual adjustment semi-automatic

Hydraulic part: motor, pump, hydraulic valve, pressure meter, filter, oil temperature level gauge, oil tank, Electrical part: air switch, PLC, relays, contactors, operation control buttons, alarm lamp etc

Customized Shredder & Crusher are accepted. 


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